WHY EFI the Porsche 930 ???

Improved throttle response, map sensor is more accurate than the CIS throttle blade.

Better fuel delivery and ignition timing, allow higher static compression rations and more
advance timing. making twin pluging the system easier.

HorsePower, CIS system limits the engine performance up to 450 HP, EFI supports over 600 HP.

OEM parts is readily available, An increasing problem with CIS system.
Fuel block kit

Fuel blocks, fuel rails,fuel return line, adapters, fuel lines with fittings, fuel filter to rail,cross
over, return line, Fuel pressure regulator kit Aeromotive # 13101.
ECU with harness

DTA Fast S-80 ECU with quick release racing harness

Crank pulley kit

Fuel injectors
Siemens #3105, 83lb fuel injectors
Spark plug wire
6 wires for single plug $250
12 wires for twin plug $450

Place the coil on the aluminum plate.
Aluminum throttle plate. $40
Air temp sensor     02 80 130 039 $45
Water temp sensor 02 80 130 026 $45
Ignition coil pack Chrysler V-6 DOHC 3.6L or 3.8 L. Niehoff patrs AL173 $90
Crank position sensor 2004 Ford Focus 2.0 DOHC 948F 6C315 AA $45
Universal 5 bar MAP sensor $35
Porsche 930 EFI package deal $5500.
Parts take out from Porsche 930 after EFI conversion.
Parts list.

1x DTA fast S-80 pro ECU.
1x Wire harness for DTA fast S-80 pro.
6x Fuel injectors.
6x Fuel blocks with 4 mounting hardware.
2x Fuel rails.
1x Fuel pressure regulator with 3x AN adapters, mounts on fuel rail.
1x Fuel supply line.
1x Fuel cross bank line.
1x Fuel return line.
2x Fuel filter adapters.
1x Crank pulley kit.
6x Spark plug wires.
1x Coil pack.
1x Bosch air temp sensor.
1x Bosch water/oil temp sensor.
1x Bosch throttle position sensor
1x 3 Bar MAP sensor.
1x Adapter for oil temp.
18 x Gaskets.
1x Air filter.
1x Throttle mounting plate.
1x cable for laptop to ECU.
1x fuse box.
1x LED shift light with mount.
1x CD with software.
930 turbo 5 inch crank pulley
965 turbo 6 inch crank pulley
Factory fuel blocks from 1992 965 turbo.
Aluminum Crank pulley trigger kit

Aluminum 127mm pulley, distributor plug, sensor mount with 36-1 trigger wheel.

$220 With A/C

$190 with-out A/C
( race )
Aluminum Crank pulley trigger kit

Aluminum 127mm pulley, distributor plug, sensor mount with 60-2 trigger wheel.

$220 With A/C

$190 with-out A/C
( race )
Crank Position sensor.

Sensor is from 2004 Ford Focus ZX5 ZX3 2.0L motor.
MOTORCRAFT Part # DY913 {#F5RZ6C315AA}
DOHC; 948F-6C315AA

sensor $40
Aluminum Crank pulley trigger kit for 1991- 1994 965 turbo

Aluminum 158 mm pulley, distributor plug, sensor mount.  (1986 3.2 Carrera motor on stand)

60-2 trigger wheel $380

36-1 trigger wheel $380