Package deal.

Header with heat, large oil line, small oil line, adapter, 6 gaskets, oil drip tank.

Muffler, turbocharger to muffler pipe, muffler end pip, 3 V band clamps.

Garret GT 35 R .82 A/R turbocharger, T-3 inlet, 3 inch V-band exhaust side.
3 inch inlet 2 inch outlet compressor side.

1 stainless tube from turbo to stock intercooler, 2 > 3 inch silicone reducer, 3 inch silicone

Porsche 964 turbo kit with intercooler. MAP sensing conversion.
Stage one package

Tial GT-35R V-band flange ball bearing turbocharger gives fast respond.
Tial 0.5 bar wastegate.
GSF 26 x 12 x 3 inch full bay intercooler.
V-band connection for all exhaust connection.
User programmable AEM FIC piggy back ECU convert factory air flow meter to MAP sensing.
42 lbs fuel injectors.
Oil lines and adapters.
3 inch muffler, 3 inch catalytic converter.
3 inch inlet airfilter.
T-bolts clamps.
Silicone hose.