Individual Throttle body
For 911 3.0 SC,  3.2 Carrera, 964/993 3.6 Carrera, 930 turbo, 965 turbo.
Turbo oil filter
Adapters and fittings set up for Garrett GT series turbocharger.
Twin turbos or single turbo.
Tial style V-band flange
Tial V-band flange has male and female interlocking function.
930 header cut and welded Tial V-band male flange with end section this header can be
use with n/a motor.
930 header with single turbo setup
with Tial V-band flange the header can be switch from single turbo to twin turbo.
930 header with twin turbo setup
2 of Garrett GT35 R turbocharger with Tial turbine housing.
Adapter for 993 Carrera manifold to ITB.