1987 930 Mods:
36mm port, K27, 1 bar spring, IA fuel head, C2 cams, C2 bypass assembly, Baileys
divertervalve, Borla exhaust muffler, goingsuperfast.com headers and full bay IC,
Custom powerflow intake, ARP head studs & rod bolts, Nology wires, NGK BP8ES
1989 930 Mods.
Stock connecting rods, rod bolts, single plug, stock intake manifold.

EFI with DTA S-8 PRO, GSF header after market muffler system, modified K-27 turbocharger,
large half bay intercooler, large throttle body, GT-2 EVO camshaft, 1 bar spring 43 lb fuel

This 930 is in hot climate Taiwan, Fuel ratio is at rich 11.0 : 1 for safety, more HP can be tune.
Top end power is restrict by small air filter and turbocharger, note the power is out of air at
5177 RPM.

1.05 bar of boost.  418.3 HP at the wheel = 502 at the crank. Full throttle pull from 2400 RPM to
6200 RPM oil temp stay at 59 degree c, air temp change from 31 degree C to 32 degree C.

More power can be tune with aftermarket rod bolts, head studs, 83 lb fuel injectors, twin plug,
3.2 Carrera intake manifold.
1991 964 Carrera stock engine, automatic transmission, header conversion, absolute manifold
pressure sensing conversion. Tired engine with broken head studs,  183.5 RWHP...

rod bolts, ARP head studs. Stock header, modified muffler, 1 bar of boost. 418 FWHP